Brighton beach was so filthy that even seagulls were helping to clean up

Brighton beach was so filthy that even seagulls were helping to clean up

The fight against tourists leaving mounds of rubbish on Brighton beach just got an unlikely hero.

This seagull was seen helping with the cleaning operation of the popular destination yesterday.

Though many gulls are labelled a nuisance, and have been known to steal chips and divebomb passersby, this bird was pictured popping rubbish in the bin after crowds of day-trippers made the most of the scorching temperatures.

It was the hottest August Bank Holiday Monday on record, according to the Met Office, and it inevitably meant one outcome for one of Britain’s most popular beaches – throngs of tourists and rubbish.

Brighton beach was so filthy that even seagulls were helping to clean up
Litter was strewn across Brighton beach after day-trippers made the most of the fine weather 

Brighton’s litter pickers had a big job on their hands clearing up the mess left behind, which unsurprisingly caught the attention of a seagull or two.

The pesky birds made most of the easy pickings with one seagull pictured on top of a bin with a plastic wrapper in its beak.

All over the country, people flocked to beaches and parks with the south-east of England and east Wales enjoying the best of the sunshine.

The Met Office today said temperatures peaked yesterday at 28.2C (82.8F) in Holbeach, southern Lincolnshire.

Brighton beach was so filthy that even seagulls were helping to clean up
Litter pickers had a big job on their hands 

The mercury hasn’t been so high since 27.2C (81F) was recorded in East Bergholt, Suffolk, in 1984.

According to forecasters the hot weather is down to a ridge of high pressure bringing high heat and still conditions.




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