Justin Bieber hits photographer with pick-up truck in Beverly Hills

Justin Bieber hits photographer with pick-up truck in Beverly Hills

Justin Bieber has hit a photographer with his pick-up truck after trying to leave a church in California.

The superstar inadvertently struck the paparazzo with the front right tyre of his Dodge Ram outside the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills on Wednesday evening.

Footage from TMZ shows Bieber kneeling down and tending to the injured man - asking the press pack to step back "and give us space".

He stayed by the photographer's side until he was stretchered away by paramedics, and Bieber then had a brief chat with police officers at the scene.

Justin Bieber was involved in a collision with a photographer. Pic: All Access / SPW / Splash
Image:The paparazzo was taken to hospital with minor injuries. Pic: All Access / SPW / Splash

Lt Scott Dowling, from Beverly Hills Police, said the photographer was taken to hospital with injuries that are not life threatening.

He added: "The driver of the vehicle completed the investigation on scene and was released."

On Tuesday, Bieber announced the sudden cancellation of remaining dates on his world tour - and said he needed to rest after being on the road for two years.

In a message to fans, the singer added: "I love you guys, I think you guys are awesome. I'm sorry for anyone who feels, like, disappointed or betrayed, it's not in my heart or anything and have a blessed day."

His manager Scooter Braun also apologised for the abandoned gigs in North America and Asia, but said the Canadian-born star's "soul and well-being" come first.

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Bieber has suffered a few setbacks in recent days

Bieber has had several run-ins with the law after shedding his clean-cut teen image - and last week, he was banned from performing in Chinafor "bad behaviour".

In 2013, the 23-year-old raised eyebrows after he was filmed being carried up the Great Wall of China by his bodyguards.

He also stripped on stage to reveal his torso and rode around shirtless on a Segway in Beijing.




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