Luxury ‘Skinny House’ worth £2.7m to be built in three-metre gap in London

Luxury 'Skinny House' worth £2.7m to be built in three-metre gap in London

narrow gap between two buildings in central London, just 10ft wide, is being turned into a luxury home that could fetch as much as £2.7 million.

The four-storey house on Euston Road, Fitzrovia, will have three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a ground-floor courtyard.

The entrance hall will lead to an open-plan kitchen and dining room, next to an indoor bike store with room for two bicycles. Two living rooms, and the bedrooms and bathrooms, will be stacked on the higher floors, topped by a roof terrace with views over Regent's Park.

The disused alleyway, which used to lead to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, will be transformed into a 1,500 sq ft property by developer Bolsover Street and HOK architects.

A local estate agent estimated that the property, which has been dubbed 'The Skinny House', could go for as much as £2.7 million.

Plans were approved by Westminster Council despite opposition from the freeholder of the Green Man pub, which is next door to the site.

The letter of objection stated that the insertion of an expensive home into the available space between two commercial properties would be "inappropriate" because it is "entirely out of character and context of the area" and because it is "a contrived residential unit forced into a space designed as a narrow service road."

Bolsover Street, the developer, says the plans will help provide "family-sized housing in the city".

Last year, a 10-ft wide property in East Dulwich, south London, with two bedrooms and a large garden, was put on the market for £800,000. Another, on Peel Street in Kensington, was just 7ft wideand was listed with an asking price of £1.25 million. The owner described it as a "life-size doll’s house".

The city's thinnest house is believed to be on the corner of South Terrace and Thurloe Square in Knightsbridge. It is 7ft wide, and is estimated to be worth more than £2 million.

The smallest house in the UK, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is squashed into a terrace on the island of Great Cumbrae off the North Ayrshire coast of Scotland. Known as The Wedge, it is 37 inches at the front and widens to 22ft at the back.




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